The Lost Tracks – Cartel


Underground hip hop producer, Cartel has cooked up a special treat for fan with this exclusive album of tracks that he produced and recorded between the years of 1990 and 1997 including the first appearance of Murder Inc’s, Cadillac Tah.

Note: These tracks are NOT mastered

  1. Criminal Thoughts Crime Lords 4:53
  2. Forget Me Not The East Side Hustlas 3:39
  3. Hardcore Perfection and Smpte Ranx 3:44
  4. Leftside The Leftside 3:54
  5. Live That Life The Bland Projects Squad 4:05
  6. Nobody Plays Hard In The Graveyard The Leftside featuring Cadillac Tah 4:16
  7. Pourin Moe The East Side Hustlas 3:47
  8. The Pressure Is On The East Side Hustlas 4:27
  9. Tons Of Paper The Crime Lords 4:19
  10. You Ain't Real Born God Allah 4:02