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Music inspired by, Insecure

Inspired by the HBO comedy series, Insecure: Cartel of Hoodgrown Productions along with a host of rappers & singers have crafted an album of songs that would be a perfect fit for the show.

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It seems Americans have forgotten the basic principles on which this country was founded upon. When a song, flag or any totem item becomes more important than human lives then it’s time for a reality check.

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Rapper, PharMarcii and producer Cartel from Hoodgrown Productions have teamed up to create this pop / rap hybrid.

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Into The Dark Sky

Rapper, Mallz and producer, Cartel along with vocal assistance from songster, Julian Lima have crafted an EDM/Hip Hop hybrid that can bang in any dance club while also bringing thoughtful, insightful vocal wizardry to the table.

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Our primary marketing channel is through the Internet and we execute a comprehensive on-line marketing and promotional campaign, including but not limited sales through 3rd party vendors, streaming music services, street teams, viral marketing, web based videos, online reviews and features.

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Capi Cu

Reggateon / Latin Trap Rapper

Deron Alek

Representing Queens New York


North Carolina rapper, Mallz


Hailing from Brooklyn


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